Monday, October 17, 2011

Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: The Baking Beauties

Wonderful Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

I'm very excited to be hosting this month's Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Event. One of the "privileges" of hosting is having first dibs on who I'd like to adopt. I had the perfect blogger in mind...Jeanine of The Baking Beauties. I really enjoy reading Jeanine's blog. Her posts are well written, her pictures are always of high quality, and her recipes are mouthwatering!

The one recipe I had to try this month was Jeanine's Wonderful Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread. I tried making her bread recipe in the spring, but it flopped because I took it out of the oven too soon. The flavor was great so I new the recipe had potential, but I had been postponing trying the recipe again. Instead, I kept buying Udi's.

This time, I learned from my mistake earlier this year and followed the recipe very closely. The only change I made is that I used more potato starch to substitute for the tapioca starch. This time, I proofed my yeast for 5 minutes. This time, I dusted off my paddle hook for my pink KitchenAid stand mixer. This time, I let the bread dough rise in a 170˚ degree oven. Look, it really did rise!! (Please excuse the poor iPhone quality and kitchen lighting picture!)

After baking in the oven for 40 minutes in a butter greased, parchment paper lined pan, the bread was done! Take a look again at the delicious final product.

It lives up to my standards and is As Good As Gluten. It's even as good as Udi's. Actually, it's better than Udi's - the flavor and the texture! I'm so happy to no longer have to shell out $6 for half a loaf of frozen gluten-free bread at the store.

My husband always has the best comments about the gluten-free foods I bake. After I gave him a sample, he said, "That is damn good bread. Heck, even I would eat that bread. There is no aftertaste." Since I knew how good this bread was, I only gave him a small sample. He quickly asked for another bite, in which I responded, "No, you cannot have another bite. That is MY bread. You have your gluten bread from the store that you just had to have. This is all mine!"

I've enjoyed this bread in all ways possible - straight out of the oven with butter, smothered with homemade strawberry jam the next day, and (as the name suggests) as sandwich bread. Every way was delicious.

This bread definitely earns the word wonderful in its name. It's made out of healthy gluten-free ingredients. I know what's in it, and it is not all starch and sugar. The texture is perfect; it's like REAL bread! Oh, and the flavor. The flavor is phenomenal!

I'm beyond ecstatic with this recipe find. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jeanine!


Jeanine - The Baking Beauties said...

I am so honoured that you adopted me! :) Makes my day. And I love your write up on the bread, so glad that it worked out well for you. I know what your husband means, I've made panzanella using this bread, and the whole family enjoys it, even though I'm the only one on a GF diet. I also like to add sunflower seeds to the dough, or sprinkle the top with sesame seeds. Lots you can do. Enjoy it!!

Heather @Gluten-Free Cat said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to Jeanine! I'm terrible at gf breads, and I would love to learn from her! Great adoption post, and thanks for hosting!!