Thursday, September 29, 2011

Peanut Butter S'mores Brownies (Flourless)

These Peanut Butter S'mores Brownies are completely flourless and sinfully delicious! I'm also convinced that in addition to being As Good As Gluten, they are guilt-free.

Guilt-free? Yes, I'll make a case for guilt-free (and healthier) brownies any day. Don't worry, I have an awfully convincing argument. My Peanut Butter S'mores Brownies just must be packed with protein since two of the main ingredients are peanut butter and black beans. You may be wondering about the marshmallows? Well, the marshmallows are just a little treat on top!

Seriously, I made these for a Labor Day cookout and everyone seemed to enjoy them. My husband was surprised that another one of my recipe concoctions turned out so well (you'd think he'd have more faith in me now), and our friends were surprised that black beans could be used in a dessert and taste great. Personally, I've really, really enjoyed warming up the leftovers in the microwave. The brownie layer melts just enough when the marshmallows are roasting under the broiler, that it makes an absolutely delicious warm cookie and chocolate brownie dessert topped with ooey-gooey marshmallows. Delectable!

Peanut Butter S'mores Brownies (Flourless)
·1 recipe GF Easy Peanut Butter Cookies
·1 recipe Black Bean Brownies
·½ bag large marshmallows

Preheat oven to 350˚. Lightly grease two 8x8 inch pans or one 13x9 inch pan. Prepare GF Easy Peanut Butter Cookie Dough according to recipe, and press cookie dough into the base of the prepared pan. Prepare Black Bean Brownie Batter according to the recipe and pour over the top of the peanut butter cookie dough. Bake layered mixture for 30 minutes.

When you are ready to serve, top the peanut butter and brownie layered dessert with large marshmallows. Move a shelf in your oven to the highest rack and turn the broiler on. Roast marshmallows until the tops are browned. Watch closely as it only takes a minute or two to roast the marshmallows. Serve warm and enjoy!