Monday, March 21, 2011

Crustless Broccoli & Cheese Mini Quiches

I came across this recipe for Crustless Broccoli & Cheese Mini Quiches while participating in the Seasonal Sunday Event yesterday. I whipped up a slightly different version of Crustless Broccoli & Cheese Mini Quiches tonight, and I am so glad I did! This recipe is so easy to make and tastes great! It could be served as breakfast or a side dish or light meal for lunch or dinner. I love the idea of Mini Quiches because I can freeze half of the batch and not be "stuck" eating a whole pie plate of quiche for a week. And, the crustless version makes this an easy As Good As Gluten recipe!

·½ pkg (12 oz) frozen broccoli
·4 eggs
·⅓ cup milk
·1 tsp Dijon mustard
·1 tsp freshly ground pepper
·½ medium-sized onion, chopped
·½ cup shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350˚. Grease 12 muffin cup tins with olive oil. Steam broccoli (on stovetop or in the microwave), then chop and set aside. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, mustard, and pepper. Stir in broccoli, onion, and cheese. Ladle mixture into muffin cup tins, dividing evenly. Bake for 20 minutes, or until the center of the quiche is set.

Yields: Makes 10-12 mini quiches.

I've also shared this recipe on: This Week's Cravings, Seasonal Sunday


Jessica said...

Those look great! I love your addition of onion. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Olivia said...

Regarding your question about "linking with:" I just enter my link on the site mentioned then link to their main page using the link button on the posting tool bar. I am sure there must be a way to automatically do this (maybe?) but I do it manually each time. You can copy and paste these lists, though, and the links will copy with them. So each time I just copy a Monday/Tuesday link up list from another of my posts. That way I don't have to manually link up each time. Make sense? These things are a little hard to explain with just the typed word!

As Good As Gluten said...

Olivia - thank you! I'll stick to the manual version, but I just wanted to check with someone else to make sure I wasn't missing an obvious quick, automatic solution.

Michelle Maskaly said...

They look awesome. I'm totally going to try these. I've done ones with spinach before, but never broccoli.

Shu Han said...

I love crustless quiches too! less of a fuss than a proper quiche. these mini quiches look like a great idea! i can just pop them into my mouth, no need to cut hehe. perfect for a lazy sunday.

let there be cake said...
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let there be cake said...

Making these today, adding chopped ham and serving with huge garden salad.