Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Nutella Hot Chocolate is rich and decadent. A warm glass of chocolate hazelnut cocoa is a chocoholic’s best friend in the morning.

I recently bought my first jar of Nutella (I know, I'm way behind). I have no idea why it took me so long, but I'm so glad I finally jumped on the Nutella-obsession-bandwagon. The first thing I made with my jar of Nutella was a Nutella Bagel. I toasted a Udi's gluten free bagel for breakfast and slathered it with Nutella. One bite instantly took me back to Paris...

I studied abroad in college, which included a week in Paris in my pre-gluten free days. For breakfast, I had a croissant filled with this chocolaty nutty goodness. I forgot about my breakfasts in Paris until I took a bite of my Nutella Bagel last week. I was instantly back in Paris and now know that the chocolaty nutty goodness filling inside my croissant was NUTELLA!
If you know me, you know what's next. I'm in my kitchen recreating a gluten free Nutella croissant relying on my taste buds and memories of Paris.

What are your favorite ways to eat Nutella? I'm on a Nutella kick now and am enjoying it every way I can think of!

Click here for the Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe