Friday, March 30, 2012

BBQ Portobello Pretzel Burgers

BBQ Portobello Pretzel Burgers are amazingly delicious and super flavorful.

I've mentioned before that my husband's favorite burger at a local restaurant is the Pretzel Burger. I've never been able to enjoy the burger with the pretzel bun, so instead I recreated a gluten free and vegetarian version at home. I have to admit it's pretty awesome. A salty and savory pretzel bun is combined with meaty mushrooms, cheddar cheese, onions, and sweet BBQ sauce. Yum!

BBQ Portobello Pretzel Burgers
·1 TBS extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
·2 large portobello mushroom caps
·Salt and pepper
·2 TBS balsamic vinegar
·2 slices cheddar cheese
·Gluten free BBQ sauce
·Sliced onions
·2 homemade pretzel buns

Directions:Remove stems and gills from the mushroom caps. Gently rub with a paper towel to remove any dirt. In a medium skillet over medium heat, add EVOO and mushroom caps. Season mushrooms with salt and pepper and sauté for 5 minutes on each side. Pour 1 TBS of vinegar on top of the mushroom caps. When vinegar has evaporated, turn mushrooms cap side up and place a slice of cheese on top. Remove from heat and cover with a lid for a few minutes to let the cheese melt.

Cut the pretzel buns in half and slather with BBQ sauce. Place 1 portobello, cap side up, on top of each bun bottom. Top with onions and bun tops.

Yield: 2


Kalinda said...

Mmm, pretzel bun, my favorite. I agree, this is pretty awesome.

Erin said...

I LOVE portobellos! These burgers look crazy good! Thanks for sharing this, I'll have to try them soon!