Friday, May 6, 2011

Chicken Chilaquiles

This quick and easy Mexican-inspired recipe is a great way to use up leftovers. It's packed full of a delicious smoky and spicy flavor.

Mike and I LOVED this recipe! You can change up the flavor a bit by adding different cheese varieties (i.e., queso fresco or feta). You can also adjust the level of heat to you or your family's preference by adding or reducing the amount of chipotle chiles in adobo puree.

Chicken Chilaquiles
·1 TBS extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO)
·2 tsp minced garlic
·1 - 16oz. can tomato sauce
·½ cup water
·1-2 tsp chipotle chiles in adobo sauce puree (see note below)
·2-3 cooked chicken breasts, chopped (or about 3 cups of cooked rotisserie chicken)
·1 bag tortilla chips
·¼ cup light sour cream
·¼ cup shredded Mexican blend cheese
·Bunch of fresh cilantro leaves

Combine the oil and garlic in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the garlic is fragrant and sizzling, 1 to 2 minutes.

Add the tomato sauce, chipotle in adobo puree, and water. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer until lightly thickened, 6 to 8 minutes.

Add the cooked chicken, stirring until hot, about 1 minute. Remove from heat.

Divide the chips among 4 shallow bowls; top with the chicken mixture and sauce. Garnish with sour cream, cheese, and cilantro.

Serves: 4

*Note: For the chipotle chiles in adobo sauce puree, you need to buy a small can of chipotle chiles in adobo sauce from the grocery store (it's usually found with other Mexican-inspired sauces). In the can is whole chipotle chiles in adobo sauce. Seed the chipotle chiles and then puree the entire can of adobe sauce and chipotle chile together. Use the amount need for the recipe, then freeze the rest in a marked plastic bag. Next time a recipe calls for chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, you can break off a piece from the freezer. I have to credit Rachael Ray for this great tip!

This recipe is modified from the cookbook "Everyday Food - Great Food Fast."

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