Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cucumber and Avocado Summer Rolls with a Savory Sauce

I love spring rolls, but they can be frustrating to make. I haven't found a way to easily work with rice paper wrappers or a trick to rolling them tight. If you have any tips - PLEASE send them my way. :)

These Cucumber and Avocado Summer Rolls are incredibly fresh. Rich avocado is paired with juicy cucumber, crisp carrots, and fragment fresh basil. I grew the cucumber and basil in my garden this year, and never would have thought to combine their flavors until this dish. The dipping sauce is savory featuring tart vinegar and lime juice, salty soy sauce, spicy Sirarcha and brown mustard, and sweet brown sugar. When this dish is all pulled together it tastes like a fresh, handheld salad. Yum!

Cucumber and Avocado Summer Rolls with a Savory Sauce
Adapted from Williams Sonoma

Savory Sauce Ingredients:
·Juice from 1/2 lime
·1 TBS extra virgin olive oil
·½ TBS rice vinegar
·¼ tsp spicy brown mustard
·¼ tsp Sirarcha
·½ tsp brown sugar
·Dash of gluten free soy sauce
Summer Roll Ingredients
·1 Hass avocado
·10 rice paper rounds
·6 large fresh basil leaves
·5 baby carrots, thinly sliced
·¼ cucumber, cut into thin strips

In a small bowl, stir together the savory sauce ingredients. When sugar is dissolved. Set aside.

Halve, pit, and peel the avocado. Slice into ½-inch wide strips. 

Place warm water in a shallow bowl. Lay a large clean plate next to the bowl and a clean kitchen tea towel. Dip 1 rice paper round into the water for a few seconds to soften, then lay flat on the plate. Quickly dip a second round into the water and lay it directly on top of the first one. Quickly pat dry using the towel.

Place a basil leaf, some avocado, carrots, and cucumber on top of the stacked rice papers - starting about one third from the edge facing you. Be careful not to overstuff the rolls, as I did. :) Lift the bottom edge of the rice paper up over the filling and then roll once to form a tight cylinder. Set aside, seam down. Repeat with remaining rice paper and filling ingredients to make 5 rolls.

Cut each roll in half crosswise and serve with savory sauce immediately.


Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

This looks so yummy! I want to try something like this with Shrimp.

Anonymous said...

Soy sauce is not gluten-free. Use Tamari instead.

As Good As Gluten said...

Some soy sauces are gluten free. Always have to check the labels.