Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mom's Potato Salad

This is my Mom's potato salad recipe. Our family loves it and gobbles it up quickly! My husband and I have been known to fight over the last few bites in the bowl. We think it is best served warm, but if you like cold potato salad I'm sure it tastes good that way as well. We use about 7-8 medium sized potatoes to make the recipe and from there we season it, taste it, make adjustments, and keep tasting and seasoning until we get it just right. We use Kraft Real Mayo - it's gluten free.

Peel, cube, and boil tots. Meanwhile, finely chop an onion and set aside. In a bowl, squirt a generous blob of real mayo, a pinch of sugar, dash of salt, and nice bit of cracked black pepper, some hearty sprinkles of onion powder, about 1-2 teaspoons of celery seed, and a heaping tablespoon of sweet pickle relish. The tots should be done by now – firm but not hard. Strain them and quickly toss the onion in the hot pan and dump the potatoes back in.  Let sit  for a few minutes, then softly mix, the onions should be transparent. Toss tots with sauce and fight over the bowl!

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