Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Aldi LiveGfree Stuffed Sandwiches

I love Aldi! Over the past year, I've found a few gluten free items at Aldi that I enjoyed (brownie mix, baking mix, and pancakes) in addition to all of the naturally gluten free items they carry. I was ecstatic last week when I found out Aldi was testing an entire line of gluten free products called LiveGfree. My husband immediately went to the store for me and got 1-2 of almost everything they offer in the LiveGfree line. If the test is successful (fingers crossed it is), they'll keep the line of LiveGfree products.

I checked the ingredient labels on a few of the products and I was impressed. Gluten free items can be made with nutritious whole grains (i.e., brown rice, millet) or made with starches that offer little to no nutrition. I was impressed that the Brown Rice Spaghetti is made with brown rice and the first ingredient on the Stuffed Sandwiches is 100% whole grain millet flour. So, not only does Aldi offer an amazing line of gluten free products that is affordable, but at least some of the products are made with nutritious ingredients. As another bonus, the line includes two foods I've never seen gluten free before - ravioli and stuffed sandwiches. 


The first product I tried is the Gluten Free Stuffed Sandwiches (aka hot pockets). I don't think I've ever had a regular hot pocket before...but, I'm in love with LiveGfree Stuffed Sandwiches.  The crust reminds me of my calzone dough. The crust is hearty (likely due to the 100% whole grain millet flour) and slightly sweet, filled with creamy mozzarella cheese, savory pepperoni, and tomato sauce with chunks of real tomato.

Since I haven't had a regular hot pocket, I shared with my husband and he affirms LiveGfree Stuffed Sandwiches are As Good As Gluten. I'm elated, and can't wait to try the rest of the LiveGfree products we bought. Stayed tuned for more "My Pantry" reviews over the next month or two.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It's a product I bought, loved, and wanted to share with you!